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Alexandra Burgett

Gift of Life

Alex's Decision

Alex and her dad, Mark, discussed organ donation a few years prior to her accident, when he was being treated for cancer.  It was then when we learned she would like to donate her organs if anything were to happen to her.  Never imagining the remote possibility of this unthinkable time in our lives, we followed her wishes.  Five people would benefit from her selfless act.  Two people each received a cornea, another received a kidney and pancreas, the fourth person a kidney and liver, and finally, her heart was donated to a teenage girl.  At the time of donation there is no way to know who will benefit from these gifts, however we prayed her heart would go to someone who had their whole lives ahead of them.  After going through the process involved to reach out to the transplant recipients, we found that her heart had been given to a 14 year old girl.  At this time, everyone is doing well with their new organs.